Future of Mobile: NFC Technology

Whew. Things have been busy over here! I apologize for the lack of blog posts this month, but being busy is a good thing!

I came across an article on Mashable.com about Near Field Communication (NFC) and since this has always been an interesting topic for me, I decided to share some facts about it that I have learned from the article.

NFC will allow a device (mobile phone) to collect data from another device with an NFC tag at very close range or by touching them together.

There are three different models of NFC:

  • Reader/writer mode- this can collect and write info on a smart tag
  • Peer-to-peer mode- Two devices can exchange data with each other as long as they are both NFC enabled
  • Card emulation mode- A reader can get info from the NFC device, like a contactless transportation card or payment card.

NFC can be used in many different convenient ways. It can become a transportation card for access to public transit, devices can be connected to one another with on simple touch, it can be used like a QR code by providing more information about a product by simply touching the advertisement, it can also be used in social media and location based services by touching a device to “check-in.” The main topic of discussion when it comes to these devices is having them act as a payment device instead of having to swipe a card. All of these things are exciting in the world of mobile and will make daily tasks more convenient!

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