Mobile app content vs. mobile browser content

ComScore released some interesting data on the use of mobile apps and mobile browsers by smartphone owners. Smartphone browser use has grown by 111 percent in the last year, and mobile app use has increase by 112 percent in the last year. With that large increase, mobile browsers are still used more often than mobile apps (Nearly 73 million people accessed their browser vs. the 69.6 million people that accessed mobile apps). Both methods are growing and within each method, the most accessed content is growing as well. See below for categories listed in order of most accessed to least.

Fastest Growing App Content Categories

  1. Social Networking
  2. News
  3. Sports information
  4. Bank accounts
  5. Weather
  6. Movie information
  7. Maps
  8. Online retail
  9. Photo and video sharing service
  10. Search

Fastest Growing Mobile Browser Content Categories

  1. Social Networking
  2. Bank accounts
  3. General Reference
  4. Sports information
  5. Search
  6. Stock trading
  7. Online retail
  8. News
  9. Movie information
  10. Classifieds

This information can help mobile marketers understand the smartphone user better by understanding which method they use to find certain information. This can be very beneficial for targeting. Since mobile marketing is all about engaging the consumer on a more personal level, it is important to keep up to date on their user patterns and preferences.

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